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Shared custody?
Tools to organize!


Who are we?

IT technician by profession, Charles works for a well-known large bank in the area. Charles loves his job yet he longs for something else. A human touch is missing and managing an IT network lacks substance.

He thinks more and more often about how he could use his skills in a way that would be useful to people. At the heart of this project would be people themselves.
Charles is also newly divorced and has two young children. He and his former wife chose joint custody and try to navigate as best as they can between job constraints and the childrens’ timetable.

After talking with colleagues and friends, Charles discovers that he is far from being the only one not alone to be caught in this frantic race. That’s how he got the idea that would allow him to both use his skills and pursue his aspirations: why not create a website offering tools for divorced parents? A platform that would facilitate their daily lives, in particular help in managing their childrens’ time but also shared finances, holidays etc. .

The idea was born.  Now, it was necessary to give it form. After thorough market research, Charles creates the platform and contacts a web master. The project is underway- by the 15th of July 2015, the site is live.



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